NetIntel and NetIntel Pro

As of today, NetIntel and NetIntel Pro has joined the Shackle Labs family. Originally built by Stephen Haywood, NetIntel is a simple way to gather basic open source intelligence on a domain name. It’s an excellent way to gather data about a target domain as part of a penetration test or to monitor the data available about your own domains.

NetIntel is a free tool that provides basic information, while NetIntel Pro is a commercial offering that provides a deeper insight. We are committed to existing NetIntel Pro customers, and we can assure you that it isn’t going anywhere.

We would like to thank Stephen for his work on NetIntel, and making this transition as smooth as possible.

We will be working to expand the features of NetIntel, as well as making it easier to use.

Your time is precious, and our goal is to make your job easier at each step; NetIntel is intended to do just that.

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